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Door Vertical Budget Spring Sale Now On....UK MADE with UK COMPONENTS!!

Our most popular budget fabrics from 2015 are still available at these amazing prices! Verticals are a great option for Bi-folding doors and patio doors allowing you to throw the light and have privacy as and when you need it.

Amaris Beige|Door Vertical Budget|Amaris Beige|3000|2913|350|350
Amaris Beige
Amaris White|Door Vertical Budget|Amaris White|3000|2913|350|350
Amaris White
Fiesta Cream|Door Vertical Budget|Fiesta Cream|3000|2913|350|350
Fiesta Cream
Fiesta White|Door Vertical Budget|Fiesta White|3000|2913|350|350
Fiesta White
Zara Cream|Door Vertical Budget|Zara Cream|3000|2913|350|350
Zara Cream
Zara White|Door Vertical Budget|Zara White|3000|2913|350|350
Zara White

Door Vertical Standard Fabrics VERTICAL BLINDS SALE ENDS SOON!!!

At Blind Superstore high quality and choice at low prices is what we are all about! We have a huge range of colours available to suit every need.

Splash Admiral|Door Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Admiral|3000|2913|350|350
Splash Admiral
Splash Beige|Door Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Beige|3000|2913|350|350
Splash Beige
Splash Berry|Door Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Berry|3000|2913|350|350
Splash Berry
Splash Butter|Door Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Butter|3000|2913|350|350
Splash Butter
Splash Canary|Door Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Canary|3000|2913|350|350
Splash Canary
Splash Candy|Door Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Candy|3000|2913|350|350
Splash Candy
Splash Grey Whisper|Door Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Grey Whisper|3000|2913|350|350
Splash Grey Whisper
Splash Havana|Door Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Havana|3000|2913|350|350
Splash Havana
Splash Hessian|Door Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Hessian|3000|2913|350|350
Splash Hessian
Splash Noir|Door Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Noir|3000|2913|350|350
Splash Noir
Splash Oceanic|Door Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Oceanic|3000|2913|350|350
Splash Oceanic
Splash Paper|Door Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Paper|3000|2913|350|350
Splash Paper
Splash Poppy|Door Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Poppy|3000|2913|350|350
Splash Poppy
Splash Rock|Door Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Rock|3000|2913|350|350
Splash Rock
Splash Tango|Door Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Tango|3000|2913|350|350
Splash Tango
Splash Vine|Door Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Vine|3000|2913|350|350
Splash Vine

Door Vertical Blackout A Blinding Blackout 60% OFF!!

Our Vertical Blackout collection has no rival, we use the highest quality blackout fabrics available in a wide array of colours! Keep those early mornings at bay with Blind Superstore Blackout Vertical Blinds!

Vitra Action|Door Vertical Blackout|Vitra Action|3000|2913|350|350
Vitra Action
Vitra Beige|Door Vertical Blackout|Vitra Beige|3000|2913|350|350
Vitra Beige
Vitra Cream|Door Vertical Blackout|Vitra Cream|3000|2913|350|350
Vitra Cream
Vitra Envy|Door Vertical Blackout|Vitra Envy|3000|2913|350|350
Vitra Envy
Vitra Flame|Door Vertical Blackout|Vitra Flame|3000|2913|350|350
Vitra Flame
Vitra Imperial|Door Vertical Blackout|Vitra Imperial|3000|2913|350|350
Vitra Imperial
Vitra Marina|Door Vertical Blackout|Vitra Marina|3000|2913|350|350
Vitra Marina
Vitra Roast|Door Vertical Blackout|Vitra Roast|3000|2913|350|350
Vitra Roast
Vitra Shock|Door Vertical Blackout|Vitra Shock|3000|2913|350|350
Vitra Shock
Vitra White|Door Vertical Blackout|Vitra White|3000|2913|350|350
Vitra White
Vitra Zinc|Door Vertical Blackout|Vitra Zinc|3000|2913|350|350
Vitra Zinc
Vitra Zorro|Door Vertical Blackout|Vitra Zorro|3000|2913|350|350
Vitra Zorro
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The made to measurevertical blinds we supply offer a value for money and practical solution foryour door coverings. The louvre blinds mean that can control the light cominginto a room via the door. They are a popular choice in conservatories due to theirlight controlling function. Depending on the type of material you opt for theymay fade over time when they are subjected to full sun but you can replaceindividual slats at a very low cost to maintain the look of your room.

They can be made tofit in exactly with your existing décor as they are available in a wide rangeof colours and materials.

The vertical doorblinds can be completely closed for maximum privacy or pulled fully back toallow for an unobstructed view and to allow the sun to bathe a room with light.

Mounting the blindsinside a door frame will allow for unobstructed opening and closing of the dooror doors. This always proves the most popular choice with our customers as ithas the cleanest and most practical look for your French doors, patio doors andsliding doors.