Its All Vertical !

Vertical blinds are a traditional and soft way to dress your windows. Vertical Blinds offer a practical way to furnish your windows allowing you to have maximum control over filtering your light into the room. We offer a large range of cloths in hundreds of colours here at Blinds Superstore at amazing prices. All our Vertical blinds are UK manufactured so you can be assured that your products are of the highest quality.

All our Vertical slat blinds are completely made to measure; we offer a wide range of colours including blackout fabrics, designer collection, and washable fabrics also. We have a fabric for any requirements you have and we have a huge selection of colour’s available to make sure you can match up your walls or feature walls. It sometimes very effective to create a contrast and we have many fabric create this.

Vertical blind finished in Splash Beige
The Splash Beige vertical blind

We offer the more contemporary 89mm slat range. We find this range to be very popular in the UK and the ideal size as this smaller slat doesn’t take up as much room on the window sill. A simple conversion of the 89mm slat is 3.5” inches. We work in millimetres as we find this the most accurate way of making window blinds.

Vertical window blinds can be fixed in many different methods and we have the brackets. We have a face fix bracket and a top fix bracket which suits our slim line track. Our Slim line Vertical track comes in a smooth ribbed white finish to look modern. The track is very strong and very high quality to ensure a long lifetime. We also offer a system called Vogue Vertical Track Blinds; this system is a special type of track and comes in many different colours to really make your Vertical Blinds look amazing.

Made to measure vertical blinds are used in all environments including the office, home. Custom made Vertical slat blinds all come with a standard white head rail but you can upgrade to our extensive range of designer head rail colours. Vertical Blinds are great for the office environment as over 80% of offices now have vertical blinds, these are practical, efficient, and have a fantastic way of throwing the light to ensure the light is kept away from computer screens or important areas where glare needs to be eliminated. Bespoke vertical blinds are also hugely popular in the home environment and suitable to any room with cloth to suit each individual room, for example Blackout for bedrooms and PVC for wet rooms.

If you’re looking to freshen up your home at not a vast expense then Blind Superstore Vertical Blinds are what your need providing practicality and style at your fingertips. We have many blinds starting from £10! Just imagine how you can transform and freshen up your entire house for such a little cost. You can also have the opposite end of the range and look into a designer vertical blind to really make an amazing finish to room or even create a feature our of your Vertical blinds instead of having feature wallpaper.

We offer child safety features for all our vertical blinds. All our vertical blind chains come with safety connectors as standard.


Perfect Fit Venetians For 2014

Perfect Fit Venetians For 2014
Perfect Fit Venetians is a amazing new products that has landed in the UK since 2009. A innovative and modern design have made this product a huge hit at Blind Superstore although it is still relatively unknown as a day to day blind product. Perfect Fit is designed for Tilt & Turn windows and the conservatory environment. It has many amazing advantages over standard blinds we would like to highlight a few now.

Cream Venetians
Perfect Fit Venetians for 2014

No-Drill System – Perfect Fit is a no-drill / no screw system where the blind clips flush to your UPVC framework, this is a major advantage and benefit which our customer love because it means if you have just bought brand new windows you do not have to drill or screw the new frames and therefore you will not affect your warranty of your windows.

Flush Fitting System – Perfect Fit Venetians fit flush to the UPVC frame therefore creating a seamless finish to the window frames. This makes the appearance of the blind look integral as if it was a part of the window frame. This creates an amazing look to any environment and its exceptionally modern.  Having this Flush fitting system means you will not lose any of your window sill either.

Convenience – Perfect Fit Venetians are blinds which work around you and provide excellent convenience, because the blinds are flush on your window frame it means when you open an opening window or door it goes with the door. This means if you need to use your opening window you can just open your window without your blind getting in the way and the same applies for perfect fit on doors, if you need to use a opening door or patio door you can just open your door and your blind opens with you for optimum convenience and practicality.

Having perfect fit venetians you will get all the benefits of having a venetian blind also. Aluminium venetian blinds come in a wide range of colours and we offer over 100 colour choices within our range, therefore offering many different colours and different tones, textures also to our Venetian range. The Perfect Fit Venetian range comes as a 25mm blind the traditional sizes slat for aluminium blind. Venetian blind always create a very modern look and can suit any room whether it is the conservatory environment or anywhere in the house. Many of our sales for Perfect Fit Venetians are now for kitchen and bathroom windows because it creates a clean contemporary and stylish finish whilst also leaving full sill space which is ideal in these two rooms where sill space important.

You can view all perfect fit Venetians blinds from the blinds superstore here

Blinds Superstore black perfect fit venetians
Black perfect fit venetians

Venetian window blinds allow you to control the light to how it best suit the time, mood, or working in an office environment where you need to control the light to ensure no glare on computer screens for example. With a Perfect Fit Venetian you also have the option of where to put your controls so if you have any obstructions you can opt for an alternative side which is easier to use OR there are options to have your venetian perfect fit as a tensioned blind; this creates a modern look with no cords or strings left in the window and is a great child safety feature. This type of blind is fantastic at throwing light but this product does allow you to maximise light into your room as the blinds will fully draw up and out of the way leaving your window fully open to open up your room.