We just keep rolling rolling rolling out roller blinds

Here at the blind superstore we make the highest quality made to measure Roller Blinds available. We believe that just because you are getting the a great deal at amazing Blind Superstore prices that shouldn’t compromise quality roller blinds. Roller blinds are a great way to dress your windows and we now offer amazing new features to roller blinds such as the Facia Roller Blind & Facia Spring Roller blinds combining an amazing roller blind with a sleek contemporary finish.  All our Roller Blinds are bespoke and made to order to your exact sizes and requirements.

Grey Roller
Roller window blinds are a great addition to any room and we have a huge range of fabrics available

Rollers blinds from Blind Superstore use the latest and highest quality components, fabrics and tube. We will only use aluminium tube 32mm as this is the best quality and we refuse to use inferior cardboard tubes and cheaper alternatives. When your buy a facia roller blinds, standard roller blind, or Facia Spring Roller Blind from us you know you’re getting the best. The roller tube size can vary depending on the size of your window. On larger windows we put your roller blinds on a bigger system to ensure that it continues to function properly over a prolonged period of time, such examples of this is the System 40 roller blinds, and the system 45 roller blind.

You have control as the where you would like the control mechanism to be located either on the left or on the right, or even no control mechanism at all with the Facia Roller Blind System. This is designed to suit your needs and to avoid obstruction you  may have. The NEW Facia roller blind system is great for child safety purposes and creates an elegant finish to any room. A

Roller window blinds are a great addition to any room and we have a huge range of fabrics available. We have a treated roller tube system to ensure nothing can damage any cloth installed onto it. We groove the cloth onto the tube to ensure it is very secure on the tube.

We have several different types of fabric available from cloth based to PVC based. You can look through our roller blind collection and sections to help you price the correct cloth for you. We have roller blind cloths which are designed to filter light into the room, we have cloths which are blackout to suit very bright windows or for bedroom purposes, we have roller blind cloths that are designed for moist environments such as wet rooms, kitchen or bathrooms and many many more solutions if you have a requirement we can cover your windows with our bespoke roller blinds in the best cloth for you. If you have specific needs you can call our sales team and they can guide you to the correct cloth for you, this is our showroom service where we can send you specific links to your exact requirements, for example if you call and require a UV 100 fabric with anti glare properties we can guide you to our performance fabrics section. We can create a great a different colour top and bottom when picking a facia roller. This can create a amazing effective roller blinds completely bespoke to your environment.

Green Roller Blind
Roller blinds are a great way to dress your windows

We have several different services available here at Blinds Superstore with our made to measure roller blinds. We do have a fast-track service where you can have certain blinds very quickly with a next day delivery. If you’re not so much in a rush we can offer a standard 7-10 lead times on our blinds.

The rollers we sell can be fixed to the wall in many different methods, if you would like to fix to the window or the roof of the windows our multi fixing bracket make this easy. An additional feature of our window rollers is our bracket are universal so we you don’t need to worry if you’re putting the correct bracket on the right or left side.

Sometime a simply roller blind is needed for a spare room or even a plain fabric is what is required. We created a section on the site where you can jazz up your roller blind with some special finishes such as magnetic daisies or special finish ends.

Perfect Fit Pleated Blinds 2014

Perfect Fit Pleated is a new innovative blind product which has been on the market for now 4 years. Perfect Fit is a brilliant product with many advantages for your home. If you are looking for a perfect fit product then be rest assured you have come to the right company as Blind Superstore are an accredited supplier of all Perfect Fit Blinds. We stock a huge range of fabrics in all different colours meaning you are sure to find the right fabric and colour to suit your home. Don’t worry if your windows are not standard sizes as we make all our Perfect Fit Pleated blinds made to measure to fit perfectly to your window frames.

Cream Pleated Blind
Perfect Fit is a brilliant product with many advantages for your home

Many people look at perfect fit and think what an amazing product but how does it attach to the frame, that looks difficult to fit; this couldn’t be further from the truth. Perfect Fit is an incredibly easy product to fit to your window frames and even easier to measure. You can follow our step by step guides to ensure you have a easy time measuring and fitting your blinds. There are no complicated tools or screwing / drilling involved it a really simple process that is completed in four simple steps. You can also follow our videos which you can find on the website.
Perfect Fit is designed to be attached fully flush onto the UPVC frame without needing any drilling or the use of screws. This means it can fit to almost any window in your home and you can start experiencing the benefit of perfect fit all over your house. They fit perfectly on the window frames and really do live up to their name as the finish is absolutely perfect.

Perfect fit pleated have a even simpler operation to make ease of use and longevity to the products life cycle. The blind operated from a clever bottom bar which operates up and down so you can control the exact position your require the blinds to be in. Pleated Perfect fit comes in a variety of colours and styles and can make a real statement and create a feature out of room.

Pleated blinds in a perfect fit frame are an excellent insulator and have been awarded with energy efficiency accolades. Some perfect fit pleated fabrics have properties to reduce the heat by 65%, reduce the glare by up to 90%, and have a heat retention of 60%. This meaning no only does this product have an amazing modern look to it, it also is constantly working for you to save you money during the winter months and working to make the rooms more comfortable in the summer months.

View our stunning range of perfect fit bleated blinds here


Perfect fit pleated blind
Pleated blinds in a perfect fit frame are an excellent insulator and have been awarded with energy efficiency accolades

No-Drill System – Perfect Fit Pleated is a no-drill / no screw system where the blind clips flush to your UPVC framework, this is a major advantage and benefit which our customer love because it means if you have just bought brand new windows you do not have to drill or screw the new frames and therefore you will not effect your warranty of your windows. This also means if you are not keen on D.I.Y then this is the product for you as it involves no tools or expertise required and is fitted with 4 easy steps all of which can be found on our measuring and fitting guides.

Flush Fitting System – Perfect Fit Venetians fit flush to the UPVC frame therefore creating a seamless finish to the window frames. This makes the appearance of the blind look integral  as if it was apart of the window frame. This creates an amazing look to any environment and its exceptionally modern.  Having this Flush fitting system means you will not lose any of your window sill either.

Convenience – Perfect Fit Venetians are blinds which work around you and provide excellent convenience, because the blinds are flush on your window frame it means when you open an opening window or door it goes with the door. This means if you need to use your opening window you can just open your window without your blind getting in the way and the same applies for perfect fit on doors, if you need to use a opening door or patio door you can just open your door and your blind opens with you for optimum convenience and practicality.