Some interesting blinds facts

  • The tilt mechanism that is utilised on blinds has been used since its original patent back in 1841. The American inventor, James Hampson, had such a good design that it has not changed much from the original concept and there are not many inventions where you can say that!
  • Originally blinds were made from animal hides. They were soaked in water and when a breeze from outside hit them it cooled the air inside. They also offered a good sun screen and offered privacy. Hides were hard to keep though so alternatives were soon needed.
  • We have all heard of Venetian Blinds but do you know where they come from? Venice? Well no actually it was Persia and they were brought to Venice by traders somewhere between 1100 and 1400. The Venice traders also brought slaves to Venice from Persia and it wasn’t until the 17th century that these slaves were released and made their way to Paris. They took with them their blinds and the French called them Les Persienes so at least he French recognised their true heritage. It is thought the Persians got the idea for their blinds from the Egyptians who used reeds tied together to cover their windows which is a technique that was also used in the Far East long before the Persians came up with their designs.



  • So were Roman Blinds actually from Rome? Well yes! Rome used to be a very dusty place with dust roads and lots of dust also created with the building of the coliseum and other huge buildings in the centre of Rome. This caused problems in people’s homes so they strung wet cloth up at their windows to alleviate the dust problem and Roman Blinds were born.
  • Most us know that trees use Carbon Dioxide out of the air to aid photosynthesis and create Oxygen but did you know that even after the plant is dead it can still absorb Carbon Dioxide? Well if you use natural blinds made of wood or natural fibres it can actually reduce the amount of Carbon Dioxide in your home. Nature is an amazing thing isn’t it?

Plan Plan Plan

As parents we all make mistakes, we have all thought “this is easy what could go wrong?” and then something goes wrong. I have a son an 8 year old son and to be honest he is as good as gold 90% of the time. When he is being good it is easy to forget that he is a boy, a rampaging boy who likes rough and tumble who fights with his friends, plays with balls in his room and loves hiding and sneaking up on you. When he sat chilling with his pencils or watching a movie it is easy to forget all that. The reason for me telling you this is that you need to take all that into account with the design of your home. Yes he may be sitting next to you helping pick some colours and some lovely huge glass pieces of art but do you want to buy a big piece of glass when tomorrow a football may send it crashing to the floor. And you can’t be mad because he’s a boy and boys will be boys and you bought it even though you knew this might happen.

A couple of months ago I was redesigning his room. He loves football and one team in particular so the theme was around that, not something I would choose but I knew he would love it. I wasn’t doing a massive redesign just buying him a new bigger bed with storage, repainting and changing the carpet and curtains. It wasn’t a big job as I said and before long I had done it. Soon after his mates had come round for a look and as it was a football themed room before long after that they were playing football in there. Well the bed survived, the paint survived but the curtains didn’t. Someone fell grabbed them and that was the end of that.

When I sat down that night I thought to myself what a bad decision it was to put up curtains as he was bound to move around in there and there was a good chance that he would get caught up in them. I didn’t even put them back up I bought a coloured venetian blind, the colour matched his favourite team, it fitted into the window alcove nicely so there was nothing for him to get caught up in and they also took up less space. They looked great cost little and if I had planned properly from the start then I would have had them initially.

inside red

So think things out and plan them properly before you start something. This rings true in design or most things in life. The colour of the blind may give away his team or at least narrow it down a bit.

How to ensure child safety when fitting blinds

Blind Cord Safety

In recent years there have been a few well publicised events where children have been put at danger due to cords hanging from blinds. There was a new European standard put in place in February 2014 which strengthened the safety element of blinds. Previously in 2009 there was a standard set but the new directive extends this further to cover almost every type of blind not just Roller, venetian, vertical and pleated blinds as before.

The new standard says that blinds should be safe by design or have appropriate child safety devices included. Any blinds that have looped cords or there is the potential for the cord to become looped must be supplied with a device fitted that means that the loop will break under tension or it has the facility to store it away from the reach of children. If you are getting us to fit the blinds then we will make sure this is done, if you are fitting the blinds yourself then we will supply instructions to enable you to do this effectively.

Our blinds will also carry a warning and the cord length will fall within the new guidelines.

With the onset of people buying blinds from cheap foreign suppliers there is a risk to your children, many of these unregulated suppliers may not follow the safety guidelines and extra care should be taken when using these blinds.

So why would these blinds pose a risk?

Well most accidental deaths occur in the bedroom in infants that are between 16-36 months old. These babies can get around but proportionally their head size is still quite large and not as controllable as an older child. This means that they may be more unable to free themselves if they got caught up in a cord.

To reduce the risk of looped cords they should never be anywhere near where a baby sleeps or can reach. Cots that are under windows should not have a cord dangling down within in reach.

Blinds Superstore will ensure that all safety measures are used so order from a reputable blinds supplier like us and not a cheap alternative from a supplier you don’t know.

This is a useful video by the British Blind and Shutter Association which could prove useful.


How Mrs James used our perfect fit blinds to make her dream room.

When Linda James contacted us she had a problem. She had always wanted a conservatory on her house as she loved her garden and wanted to make it more of a part of her house. She just didn’t want any conservatory, she wanted one that stretched pretty much the full length of the back of her house and then had big sliding doors in the middle that would open out so she could feel the outside coming in.

After years of saving Linda and her husband had saved enough for her dream and had found a company to build it for them. After it was built Linda was excited to decorate it and create some window dressings. She decided on blinds and bought some that didn’t cost the earth as they had spent so much on the conservatory. They had been fitted by a well-known nationwide company and they looked great.

But Linda liked the doors open as much as she could, even when it was wet or windy. Her blinds even though they dropped close to the window caught the wind and blew in and out of the door, they rattled and they got caught up in each other, in the door and in people sitting nearby or walking past. Although they looked fine they just were not practical for Linda. Her husband, as husbands do, thought they were fine, but even he after a while got a little sick of getting caught up in the blinds.

Enter Blinds Superstore!

One day Linda was on her IPad in the conservatory looking for a solution and came across our website and in particular our perfect fit blinds section. What she saw was a blind that sat snug to the window and doors, a blind that was encased so couldn’t blow about and get tangled up, a blind that was easily fitted and required no drilling into her precious new windows and doors and a blind that didn’t cost the earth as they didn’t have a lot of money left after buying the conservatory.

Within the hour Linda had talked to her husband (bossed her husband) and been in touch with us. Within a week the blinds were with her and her husband fitted them easily the very next day. She had her beautiful new room with stunning new integrated blinds that not only enhanced the room but were practical too. They blocked the sun when needed, they and they opened easily to let the sun in when that was appropriate.



Linda wrote us a lovely letter thanking us for making her dream come true and we sent her some flowers to make her conservatory and blinds look even better.


Standing Out With Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds

There are lots of different types of blinds on the UK and International market but Perfect Fit is a stand out product from all the rest. Its innovative design and modern finish makes this product a hit with households up and down the United Kingdom.

Perfect Fit is a very simple idea and is just 4 pieces of extrusion where a existing blind is installed. Despite what many may think all Perfect Fit Frame is the same, it is sourced from the designers Louvolite LTD and they are the only manufactures of the extrusion. What is important with perfect fit is what product is installed inside the frame; this is where it gets more interesting, here at blinds superstore we install Venetian blinds into the frame and Pleated blinds into the frame. This is where the quality or lack of quality comes into question. Blinds Superstore is the leading retailer of Perfect Fit Pleated and Venetian blinds in the UK; we have achieved this status by being one the best priced suppliers in the UK for a long period of time. Due to our longevity in the industry and specialising in this product it has meant we have received better and better discounts from the designers and all other suppliers. This means we now offer higher quality Perfect Fit Venetian blinds at the same low prices we have always offered. We do not believe in buy cheap buy twice, we know from our loyal customer base that if we do a great product and fantastic service first time we know they will always come back to us more and more. We have a repeat business percentage of 92% all of which would recommend us to friends and family.

Red Venetians
Standing out with red Venetian Blinds

In our fantastic ranges we now have the Perfect Fit Diamond range, this is our latest range with even more colours to choose from, we have over 50 colours now in our Perfect Fit range for you to choose from, this is to ensure you have the biggest selection available that will match any décor in your home. We wanted to go a step further than this and we now have a free sampling service, we try our best to get the colours as perfect as possible with our scans, but we thought it would be even better if you could physically see and feel the quality and colour in person so we send FREE next day delivery sample requests out in the post direct to your door making it as simple as possible for you to order your blinds. We offer this service to give you the customer the confidence to use our product and service.

To add to the recent Perfect Fit Diamond range we added the new Perfect Fit AluWood range, this range is a wood look effect Aluminium venetian blind. These give a great effect of a real wooden blind but have all the benefits of a normal aluminium venetian blind. Again, we want you to see and feel the quality of our products and see and feel the colours in real life now just on the screen, these are also available via our free sampling service on next day delivery.

Buy with confidence from the leading perfect fit Venetian retailer online.

New Duo Vision Blinds are a great new roller

Fantastic New duo vision blinds are a great new roller blind which allows Privacy and light control all in one fantastic new creation of the window blind world.

This blind allow a great deal of privacy and all you need to do is have the blind all the way down to the bottom of your window in an open position still allowing to have the light come in through the mesh part of the blind without darkening the room with modern looking stripes across the window , Then with one simple pull of the cord the blind will close and it will be totally private allowing you to relax behind your blind in your room may it be a living room or bedroom or even bathroom  ,The benefits of this blind is immense as this blind can be pulled all the way to the top and sits nice and tidy in the rounded white power coated Cassette box above.

Black Duo Vision Roller
fantastic range of colours

There is a fantastic range of colours from Modern black, Silver which would suit any bachelor pad or high gloss kitchen, White clean and crisp maybe matching the white gloss of a bathroom suite to the classic Brown, Creams and mink perfect for a bedroom or living room great for a soft warm feel, in both a standard range to a shiny sheen given the ultimate gloss effect.

The fabric and components are hidden from the powder coated shiny head box with a round finish hiding all “uglyliness” of the blind with a small see through beaded chain which allows you to have the roller blind fall into any position in the window again in the open or closed position with a matching round white power coated bottom bar which blends in with the white pvc of your window so does not really stand out

As great as these blinds sound I can imagine you are wondering I bet these costs a lot of money. Well let us reassure you straight away, while yes they do cost more than a conventional roller blind we are up to £200 per blind cheaper than high street retailers!! This is a massive saving if you have only one blind but image in if you had five or even ten; the saving can be huge! We can offer this great saving because we manufacture the vision roller blind here at our blinds factory in Blackpool, Lancashire. This gives us a major edge over the high street and online competition to ensure you are getting the best quality blind possible at the best prices!

These fantastic new vision roller blinds are a German system only using the best quality components which are very hardcore and very lasting.

These duo vision rollers are super modern and will look fantastic in any room. Buy the best from the best, buy from

The Diamond Range Perfect Fit Venetians Are Here

We love this time of year here at Blinds superstore, it’s the month of HUGE SAVINGS and MASSIVE SALES!! We are introducing the new Perfect Fit Diamond Range. As this is a new range for us and for our customers we thought we should offer this at a fantastic cut down price, we are offering the Perfect Fit Venetian at 80% OFF……that’s right………80% OFF!! Not only are we offering this product at 80% off we are offering free delivery over £500.  This offer makes us one of the most competitive suppliers of Perfect Fit Venetians in the United Kingdom.

I know that some may think our prices are too cheap hence you would receive a inferior product in terms of quality, you would be thinking wrong! Diamond by name diamond by nature this perfect fit venetian blind is the highest quality in our range, offering one of the thickest slat qualities in Britain. To back up this fantastic quality slat we use only the best engineered mechanisms on the market to ensure longevity of your blinds for many years to come!

Damson Perfect fit
Diamond by name diamond by nature

So what’s the catch I can hear you thinking, well we know that if we offer the best products and the best prices online across the entire of the United Kingdom we will always get your business again in the future and we will hopefully get lots of recommendations from you aswell. We are a family run company with honest values running through our blinds company, our philosophy then and our philosophy now is to give good old fashioned quality service and a even better product at unbelievable prices! It’s worked for us in the past and we are confident it will work for us in the future!

Blinds Superstore is a name you can trust for quality and great service, don’t take our word for it we have over 10,000 happy customers who have bought from us over the past 10 years! It is our mission to give the most amazing products to transform your home and Perfect Fit Venetians is a brilliant modern way to achieve that. Its super sleek white frame provides so many great advantages of looking incredibly modern and minimalist. Look through our fantastic website to see how we could transfer your home with Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds, especially the Perfect fit Diamond range. Take advantage of this no drill, no screw blinds system unlike no other, super simple to measure and fit. We have extensive videos and instructions on our website to assist you in your measuring and fitting. For an extra peace of mind we are here 6 days a week to help you over the phone or with Live chat available on our website.

Ladies & Gentlemen, i give you….. the Eco Woods!

The biggest and best sale we have ever had is now on at Blinds Superstore!! We are the internet specialists in wooden blinds, Faux Wooden Blinds and Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds. We know that times are hard out there and people are not moving quite so often due to the difficult climate so they are looking internally to try and spruce their houses up. More and more people are realising that windows are a key feature in any home both internally and externally. Blinds externally can create a fantastic selling point as it gives buyers confidence they the home owner is aware of privacy, this is a huge selling point for buyers as nobody wants to move into a home where they feel like they are open to the outside world to look into their property. Blinds can also give homeowners a great sense of safety in their home while they are at home or away on holiday or at work throughout the day. Blind is a fantastic way of keeping your interior possessions private and reduce the threat of any break-ins.

Eko Wood Blind
Blinds can also give homeowners a great sense of safety in their home

We are offering the brand new Eco-wood range at some fantastic prices! For example we have provided some up to date price as of the 20th January 2014 (prices are subject to change)

600 x 1200 = £22.40

1200 x 1200 = £38.40

1000 x 1000 = £35.20

600 x 1800 = £27

1200 x 1800 = £49.60

We know at blinds superstore that these prices are fantastic and are probably the most competitive in the entire of the UK as we price match every day. Its important to us that we reward our loyal customers with the best possible prices as we know they will keep coming back to us.

Using Blinds Superstore you know can use a company that you can trust, we are a flagship company for window blinds and a leading supplier of Faux Wood Blinds in the entire of the United Kingdom. Buying online can be a scary process, we try to make this as easy as possible with our DIY measuring and fitting guides at your disposal at any time. Lots of our customers like to speak to us in person and our dedicated team are always here on hand to help with any questions you might have about faux wooden venetian blinds.

We just keep rolling rolling rolling out roller blinds

Here at the blind superstore we make the highest quality made to measure Roller Blinds available. We believe that just because you are getting the a great deal at amazing Blind Superstore prices that shouldn’t compromise quality roller blinds. Roller blinds are a great way to dress your windows and we now offer amazing new features to roller blinds such as the Facia Roller Blind & Facia Spring Roller blinds combining an amazing roller blind with a sleek contemporary finish.  All our Roller Blinds are bespoke and made to order to your exact sizes and requirements.

Grey Roller
Roller window blinds are a great addition to any room and we have a huge range of fabrics available

Rollers blinds from Blind Superstore use the latest and highest quality components, fabrics and tube. We will only use aluminium tube 32mm as this is the best quality and we refuse to use inferior cardboard tubes and cheaper alternatives. When your buy a facia roller blinds, standard roller blind, or Facia Spring Roller Blind from us you know you’re getting the best. The roller tube size can vary depending on the size of your window. On larger windows we put your roller blinds on a bigger system to ensure that it continues to function properly over a prolonged period of time, such examples of this is the System 40 roller blinds, and the system 45 roller blind.

You have control as the where you would like the control mechanism to be located either on the left or on the right, or even no control mechanism at all with the Facia Roller Blind System. This is designed to suit your needs and to avoid obstruction you  may have. The NEW Facia roller blind system is great for child safety purposes and creates an elegant finish to any room. A

Roller window blinds are a great addition to any room and we have a huge range of fabrics available. We have a treated roller tube system to ensure nothing can damage any cloth installed onto it. We groove the cloth onto the tube to ensure it is very secure on the tube.

We have several different types of fabric available from cloth based to PVC based. You can look through our roller blind collection and sections to help you price the correct cloth for you. We have roller blind cloths which are designed to filter light into the room, we have cloths which are blackout to suit very bright windows or for bedroom purposes, we have roller blind cloths that are designed for moist environments such as wet rooms, kitchen or bathrooms and many many more solutions if you have a requirement we can cover your windows with our bespoke roller blinds in the best cloth for you. If you have specific needs you can call our sales team and they can guide you to the correct cloth for you, this is our showroom service where we can send you specific links to your exact requirements, for example if you call and require a UV 100 fabric with anti glare properties we can guide you to our performance fabrics section. We can create a great a different colour top and bottom when picking a facia roller. This can create a amazing effective roller blinds completely bespoke to your environment.

Green Roller Blind
Roller blinds are a great way to dress your windows

We have several different services available here at Blinds Superstore with our made to measure roller blinds. We do have a fast-track service where you can have certain blinds very quickly with a next day delivery. If you’re not so much in a rush we can offer a standard 7-10 lead times on our blinds.

The rollers we sell can be fixed to the wall in many different methods, if you would like to fix to the window or the roof of the windows our multi fixing bracket make this easy. An additional feature of our window rollers is our bracket are universal so we you don’t need to worry if you’re putting the correct bracket on the right or left side.

Sometime a simply roller blind is needed for a spare room or even a plain fabric is what is required. We created a section on the site where you can jazz up your roller blind with some special finishes such as magnetic daisies or special finish ends.

Perfect Fit Pleated Blinds 2014

Perfect Fit Pleated is a new innovative blind product which has been on the market for now 4 years. Perfect Fit is a brilliant product with many advantages for your home. If you are looking for a perfect fit product then be rest assured you have come to the right company as Blind Superstore are an accredited supplier of all Perfect Fit Blinds. We stock a huge range of fabrics in all different colours meaning you are sure to find the right fabric and colour to suit your home. Don’t worry if your windows are not standard sizes as we make all our Perfect Fit Pleated blinds made to measure to fit perfectly to your window frames.

Cream Pleated Blind
Perfect Fit is a brilliant product with many advantages for your home

Many people look at perfect fit and think what an amazing product but how does it attach to the frame, that looks difficult to fit; this couldn’t be further from the truth. Perfect Fit is an incredibly easy product to fit to your window frames and even easier to measure. You can follow our step by step guides to ensure you have a easy time measuring and fitting your blinds. There are no complicated tools or screwing / drilling involved it a really simple process that is completed in four simple steps. You can also follow our videos which you can find on the website.
Perfect Fit is designed to be attached fully flush onto the UPVC frame without needing any drilling or the use of screws. This means it can fit to almost any window in your home and you can start experiencing the benefit of perfect fit all over your house. They fit perfectly on the window frames and really do live up to their name as the finish is absolutely perfect.

Perfect fit pleated have a even simpler operation to make ease of use and longevity to the products life cycle. The blind operated from a clever bottom bar which operates up and down so you can control the exact position your require the blinds to be in. Pleated Perfect fit comes in a variety of colours and styles and can make a real statement and create a feature out of room.

Pleated blinds in a perfect fit frame are an excellent insulator and have been awarded with energy efficiency accolades. Some perfect fit pleated fabrics have properties to reduce the heat by 65%, reduce the glare by up to 90%, and have a heat retention of 60%. This meaning no only does this product have an amazing modern look to it, it also is constantly working for you to save you money during the winter months and working to make the rooms more comfortable in the summer months.

View our stunning range of perfect fit bleated blinds here


Perfect fit pleated blind
Pleated blinds in a perfect fit frame are an excellent insulator and have been awarded with energy efficiency accolades

No-Drill System – Perfect Fit Pleated is a no-drill / no screw system where the blind clips flush to your UPVC framework, this is a major advantage and benefit which our customer love because it means if you have just bought brand new windows you do not have to drill or screw the new frames and therefore you will not effect your warranty of your windows. This also means if you are not keen on D.I.Y then this is the product for you as it involves no tools or expertise required and is fitted with 4 easy steps all of which can be found on our measuring and fitting guides.

Flush Fitting System – Perfect Fit Venetians fit flush to the UPVC frame therefore creating a seamless finish to the window frames. This makes the appearance of the blind look integral  as if it was apart of the window frame. This creates an amazing look to any environment and its exceptionally modern.  Having this Flush fitting system means you will not lose any of your window sill either.

Convenience – Perfect Fit Venetians are blinds which work around you and provide excellent convenience, because the blinds are flush on your window frame it means when you open an opening window or door it goes with the door. This means if you need to use your opening window you can just open your window without your blind getting in the way and the same applies for perfect fit on doors, if you need to use a opening door or patio door you can just open your door and your blind opens with you for optimum convenience and practicality.