Some interesting blinds facts

  • The tilt mechanism that is utilised on blinds has been used since its original patent back in 1841. The American inventor, James Hampson, had such a good design that it has not changed much from the original concept and there are not many inventions where you can say that!
  • Originally blinds were made from animal hides. They were soaked in water and when a breeze from outside hit them it cooled the air inside. They also offered a good sun screen and offered privacy. Hides were hard to keep though so alternatives were soon needed.
  • We have all heard of Venetian Blinds but do you know where they come from? Venice? Well no actually it was Persia and they were brought to Venice by traders somewhere between 1100 and 1400. The Venice traders also brought slaves to Venice from Persia and it wasn’t until the 17th century that these slaves were released and made their way to Paris. They took with them their blinds and the French called them Les Persienes so at least he French recognised their true heritage. It is thought the Persians got the idea for their blinds from the Egyptians who used reeds tied together to cover their windows which is a technique that was also used in the Far East long before the Persians came up with their designs.



  • So were Roman Blinds actually from Rome? Well yes! Rome used to be a very dusty place with dust roads and lots of dust also created with the building of the coliseum and other huge buildings in the centre of Rome. This caused problems in people’s homes so they strung wet cloth up at their windows to alleviate the dust problem and Roman Blinds were born.
  • Most us know that trees use Carbon Dioxide out of the air to aid photosynthesis and create Oxygen but did you know that even after the plant is dead it can still absorb Carbon Dioxide? Well if you use natural blinds made of wood or natural fibres it can actually reduce the amount of Carbon Dioxide in your home. Nature is an amazing thing isn’t it?

Plan Plan Plan

As parents we all make mistakes, we have all thought “this is easy what could go wrong?” and then something goes wrong. I have a son an 8 year old son and to be honest he is as good as gold 90% of the time. When he is being good it is easy to forget that he is a boy, a rampaging boy who likes rough and tumble who fights with his friends, plays with balls in his room and loves hiding and sneaking up on you. When he sat chilling with his pencils or watching a movie it is easy to forget all that. The reason for me telling you this is that you need to take all that into account with the design of your home. Yes he may be sitting next to you helping pick some colours and some lovely huge glass pieces of art but do you want to buy a big piece of glass when tomorrow a football may send it crashing to the floor. And you can’t be mad because he’s a boy and boys will be boys and you bought it even though you knew this might happen.

A couple of months ago I was redesigning his room. He loves football and one team in particular so the theme was around that, not something I would choose but I knew he would love it. I wasn’t doing a massive redesign just buying him a new bigger bed with storage, repainting and changing the carpet and curtains. It wasn’t a big job as I said and before long I had done it. Soon after his mates had come round for a look and as it was a football themed room before long after that they were playing football in there. Well the bed survived, the paint survived but the curtains didn’t. Someone fell grabbed them and that was the end of that.

When I sat down that night I thought to myself what a bad decision it was to put up curtains as he was bound to move around in there and there was a good chance that he would get caught up in them. I didn’t even put them back up I bought a coloured venetian blind, the colour matched his favourite team, it fitted into the window alcove nicely so there was nothing for him to get caught up in and they also took up less space. They looked great cost little and if I had planned properly from the start then I would have had them initially.

inside red

So think things out and plan them properly before you start something. This rings true in design or most things in life. The colour of the blind may give away his team or at least narrow it down a bit.