How Mrs James used our perfect fit blinds to make her dream room.

When Linda James contacted us she had a problem. She had always wanted a conservatory on her house as she loved her garden and wanted to make it more of a part of her house. She just didn’t want any conservatory, she wanted one that stretched pretty much the full length of the back of her house and then had big sliding doors in the middle that would open out so she could feel the outside coming in.

After years of saving Linda and her husband had saved enough for her dream and had found a company to build it for them. After it was built Linda was excited to decorate it and create some window dressings. She decided on blinds and bought some that didn’t cost the earth as they had spent so much on the conservatory. They had been fitted by a well-known nationwide company and they looked great.

But Linda liked the doors open as much as she could, even when it was wet or windy. Her blinds even though they dropped close to the window caught the wind and blew in and out of the door, they rattled and they got caught up in each other, in the door and in people sitting nearby or walking past. Although they looked fine they just were not practical for Linda. Her husband, as husbands do, thought they were fine, but even he after a while got a little sick of getting caught up in the blinds.

Enter Blinds Superstore!

One day Linda was on her IPad in the conservatory looking for a solution and came across our website and in particular our perfect fit blinds section. What she saw was a blind that sat snug to the window and doors, a blind that was encased so couldn’t blow about and get tangled up, a blind that was easily fitted and required no drilling into her precious new windows and doors and a blind that didn’t cost the earth as they didn’t have a lot of money left after buying the conservatory.

Within the hour Linda had talked to her husband (bossed her husband) and been in touch with us. Within a week the blinds were with her and her husband fitted them easily the very next day. She had her beautiful new room with stunning new integrated blinds that not only enhanced the room but were practical too. They blocked the sun when needed, they and they opened easily to let the sun in when that was appropriate.



Linda wrote us a lovely letter thanking us for making her dream come true and we sent her some flowers to make her conservatory and blinds look even better.


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