How to ensure child safety when fitting blinds

Blind Cord Safety

In recent years there have been a few well publicised events where children have been put at danger due to cords hanging from blinds. There was a new European standard put in place in February 2014 which strengthened the safety element of blinds. Previously in 2009 there was a standard set but the new directive extends this further to cover almost every type of blind not just Roller, venetian, vertical and pleated blinds as before.

The new standard says that blinds should be safe by design or have appropriate child safety devices included. Any blinds that have looped cords or there is the potential for the cord to become looped must be supplied with a device fitted that means that the loop will break under tension or it has the facility to store it away from the reach of children. If you are getting us to fit the blinds then we will make sure this is done, if you are fitting the blinds yourself then we will supply instructions to enable you to do this effectively.

Our blinds will also carry a warning and the cord length will fall within the new guidelines.

With the onset of people buying blinds from cheap foreign suppliers there is a risk to your children, many of these unregulated suppliers may not follow the safety guidelines and extra care should be taken when using these blinds.

So why would these blinds pose a risk?

Well most accidental deaths occur in the bedroom in infants that are between 16-36 months old. These babies can get around but proportionally their head size is still quite large and not as controllable as an older child. This means that they may be more unable to free themselves if they got caught up in a cord.

To reduce the risk of looped cords they should never be anywhere near where a baby sleeps or can reach. Cots that are under windows should not have a cord dangling down within in reach.

Blinds Superstore will ensure that all safety measures are used so order from a reputable blinds supplier like us and not a cheap alternative from a supplier you don’t know.

This is a useful video by the British Blind and Shutter Association which could prove useful.


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