Its All Vertical !

Vertical blinds are a traditional and soft way to dress your windows. Vertical Blinds offer a practical way to furnish your windows allowing you to have maximum control over filtering your light into the room. We offer a large range of cloths in hundreds of colours here at Blinds Superstore at amazing prices. All our Vertical blinds are UK manufactured so you can be assured that your products are of the highest quality.

All our Vertical slat blinds are completely made to measure; we offer a wide range of colours including blackout fabrics, designer collection, and washable fabrics also. We have a fabric for any requirements you have and we have a huge selection of colour’s available to make sure you can match up your walls or feature walls. It sometimes very effective to create a contrast and we have many fabric create this.

Vertical blind finished in Splash Beige
The Splash Beige vertical blind

We offer the more contemporary 89mm slat range. We find this range to be very popular in the UK and the ideal size as this smaller slat doesn’t take up as much room on the window sill. A simple conversion of the 89mm slat is 3.5” inches. We work in millimetres as we find this the most accurate way of making window blinds.

Vertical window blinds can be fixed in many different methods and we have the brackets. We have a face fix bracket and a top fix bracket which suits our slim line track. Our Slim line Vertical track comes in a smooth ribbed white finish to look modern. The track is very strong and very high quality to ensure a long lifetime. We also offer a system called Vogue Vertical Track Blinds; this system is a special type of track and comes in many different colours to really make your Vertical Blinds look amazing.

Made to measure vertical blinds are used in all environments including the office, home. Custom made Vertical slat blinds all come with a standard white head rail but you can upgrade to our extensive range of designer head rail colours. Vertical Blinds are great for the office environment as over 80% of offices now have vertical blinds, these are practical, efficient, and have a fantastic way of throwing the light to ensure the light is kept away from computer screens or important areas where glare needs to be eliminated. Bespoke vertical blinds are also hugely popular in the home environment and suitable to any room with cloth to suit each individual room, for example Blackout for bedrooms and PVC for wet rooms.

If you’re looking to freshen up your home at not a vast expense then Blind Superstore Vertical Blinds are what your need providing practicality and style at your fingertips. We have many blinds starting from £10! Just imagine how you can transform and freshen up your entire house for such a little cost. You can also have the opposite end of the range and look into a designer vertical blind to really make an amazing finish to room or even create a feature our of your Vertical blinds instead of having feature wallpaper.

We offer child safety features for all our vertical blinds. All our vertical blind chains come with safety connectors as standard.


Perfect Fit Venetians For 2014

Perfect Fit Venetians For 2014
Perfect Fit Venetians is a amazing new products that has landed in the UK since 2009. A innovative and modern design have made this product a huge hit at Blind Superstore although it is still relatively unknown as a day to day blind product. Perfect Fit is designed for Tilt & Turn windows and the conservatory environment. It has many amazing advantages over standard blinds we would like to highlight a few now.

Cream Venetians
Perfect Fit Venetians for 2014

No-Drill System – Perfect Fit is a no-drill / no screw system where the blind clips flush to your UPVC framework, this is a major advantage and benefit which our customer love because it means if you have just bought brand new windows you do not have to drill or screw the new frames and therefore you will not affect your warranty of your windows.

Flush Fitting System – Perfect Fit Venetians fit flush to the UPVC frame therefore creating a seamless finish to the window frames. This makes the appearance of the blind look integral as if it was a part of the window frame. This creates an amazing look to any environment and its exceptionally modern.  Having this Flush fitting system means you will not lose any of your window sill either.

Convenience – Perfect Fit Venetians are blinds which work around you and provide excellent convenience, because the blinds are flush on your window frame it means when you open an opening window or door it goes with the door. This means if you need to use your opening window you can just open your window without your blind getting in the way and the same applies for perfect fit on doors, if you need to use a opening door or patio door you can just open your door and your blind opens with you for optimum convenience and practicality.

Having perfect fit venetians you will get all the benefits of having a venetian blind also. Aluminium venetian blinds come in a wide range of colours and we offer over 100 colour choices within our range, therefore offering many different colours and different tones, textures also to our Venetian range. The Perfect Fit Venetian range comes as a 25mm blind the traditional sizes slat for aluminium blind. Venetian blind always create a very modern look and can suit any room whether it is the conservatory environment or anywhere in the house. Many of our sales for Perfect Fit Venetians are now for kitchen and bathroom windows because it creates a clean contemporary and stylish finish whilst also leaving full sill space which is ideal in these two rooms where sill space important.

You can view all perfect fit Venetians blinds from the blinds superstore here

Blinds Superstore black perfect fit venetians
Black perfect fit venetians

Venetian window blinds allow you to control the light to how it best suit the time, mood, or working in an office environment where you need to control the light to ensure no glare on computer screens for example. With a Perfect Fit Venetian you also have the option of where to put your controls so if you have any obstructions you can opt for an alternative side which is easier to use OR there are options to have your venetian perfect fit as a tensioned blind; this creates a modern look with no cords or strings left in the window and is a great child safety feature. This type of blind is fantastic at throwing light but this product does allow you to maximise light into your room as the blinds will fully draw up and out of the way leaving your window fully open to open up your room.

The New Innovative Blind for 2014

Perfect Fit Pleated

Perfect Fit Pleated is a new innovative blind product which has been on the market for now 4 years. Perfect Fit is a brilliant product with many advantages for your home. If you are looking for a perfect fit product then be rest assured you have come to the right company as Blind Superstore are an accredited supplier of all Perfect Fit Blinds. We stock a huge range of fabrics in all different colours meaning you are sure to find the right fabric and colour to suit your home. Don’t worry if your windows are not standard sizes as we make all our Perfect Fit Pleated blinds made to measure to fit perfectly to your window frames.

2014 Perfect fit Blinds
Black perfect fit blinds

Many people look at perfect fit and think what an amazing product but how does it attach to the frame, that looks difficult to fit; this couldn’t be further from the truth. Perfect Fit is an incredibly easy product to fit to your window frames and even easier to measure. You can follow our step by step guides to ensure you have a easy time measuring and fitting your blinds. There are no complicated tools or screwing / drilling involved it a really simple process that is completed in four simple steps. You can also follow our videos which you can find on the website.

Perfect Fit pleated blinds is designed to be attached fully flush onto the UPVC frame without needing any drilling or the use of screws. This means it can fit to almost any window in your home and you can start experiencing the benefit of perfect fit all over your house. They fit perfectly on the window frames and really do live up to their name as the finish is absolutely perfect.

Perfect fit pleated have a even simpler operation to make ease of use and longevity to the products life cycle. The blind operated from a clever bottom bar which operates up and down so you can control the exact position your require the blinds to be in. Pleated Perfect fit comes in a variety of colours and styles and can make a real statement and create a feature out of room.

Pleated blinds in a perfect fit frame are an excellent insulator and have been awarded with energy efficiency accolades. Some perfect fit pleated fabrics have properties to reduce the heat by 65%, reduce the glare by up to 90%, and have a heat retention of 60%. This meaning no only does this product have an amazing modern look to it, it also is constantly working for you to save you money during the winter months and working to make the rooms more comfortable in the summer months.

View Perfect Fit – Pleated Blinds from Blinds-Superstore


Red Perfect fit conservatory blinds
Red Perfect Fit Blinds in a conservatory

No-Drill System – Perfect Fit Pleated is a no-drill / no screw system where the blind clips flush to your UPVC framework, this is a major advantage and benefit which our customer love because it means if you have just bought brand new windows you do not have to drill or screw the new frames and therefore you will not effect your warranty of your windows. This also means if you are not keen on D.I.Y then this is the product for you as it involves no tools or expertise required and is fitted with 4 easy steps all of which can be found on our measuring and fitting guides.

Flush Fitting System – Perfect Fit Venetians fit flush to the UPVC frame therefore creating a seamless finish to the window frames. This makes the appearance of the blind look integral  as if it was apart of the window frame. This creates an amazing look to any environment and its exceptionally modern.  Having this Flush fitting system means you will not lose any of your window sill either.

Convenience – Perfect Fit Venetians are blinds which work around you and provide excellent convenience, because the blinds are flush on your window frame it means when you open an opening window or door it goes with the door. This means if you need to use your opening window you can just open your window without your blind getting in the way and the same applies for perfect fit on doors, if you need to use a opening door or patio door you can just open your door and your blind opens with you for optimum convenience and practicality.


It’s all about the perfect fit blinds

Ohhhhh it fits like a glove!!! This is a common phrase you will hear when you see someone fit a perfect fit blind product.

Perfect Fit blinds come in a variety of colours of frame starting with the most common White. As more and more people have special coloured frames or wood look frame and we can also help with this as our perfect fit blinds come in a Rosewood frame, Golden Oak Frame and plain brown frame!

Not only do we have a great selection of frame for you to choose from to ensure we have the product for you. You can get a venetian blind product in this system and also a pleated blind product in this system. Having two product types gives you a wide selection of colours and a wide selection of fabric types in pleated blinds. Please find a link here to both our of products:

Silver Perfect fit blinds
Perfect fit blinds

Perfect Fit Venetians :

Perfect Fit Pleated :

To help you in this selection process Blinds superstore has a FREE sampling service available so you can get a great idea of how your blinds will look and feel.

Sometimes people like to know how it’s best to measure these blinds, we have a detailed measuring guide which can be found here, you can find a detailed video giving you a step by step guide which you can stop and start so you can take your time in measuring your blinds correctly:

We love winter blinds

We love the winter here at Blinds Superstore, wrapping up warm, getting the hot chocolate out with marsh mallows and of course…………. the BLINDS SUPERSTORE MEGA SALE!!!!

We have been running for over 12 fantastic years producing and manufacturing the best quality blinds on offer and suiting every need of our loyal fantastic customers. We want to change the look of your home FOR LESS!! Why pay high street prices when you can get the same high quality from the Blinds Superstore Winter Sale!

Black Blinds
Black Blinds

We have over 12,000 sales with over half of those being repeat business; this record speaks for itself and shows how good the blinds superstore product and service is! It’s so important for us to deliver a fantastic service to our customers, we can have the best blinds in the world but if our service isn’t amazing then you won’t be happy! We are proud to have a 100% record up to date with happy customers.

Let us tell you about our brilliant new product which is the Duo Roller Blind. This has many names in the blinds industry such as : The dual roller blind, the double roller blinds, the vision roller blinds or the Duo Roller Blinds. This stunning blind is a amazing twist on the conventional standard roller blind system, it combines a solid and sheer fabric to allow you maximum light control in your home. This combination allows you ultimate light control in your home just like a Venetian or vertical blind product but gives you the luxury of a roller blind finish. This blind can be positioned anywhere in the window from fully up and out of the way to all the way down in the closed position, with multiple options for privacy and light control in-between.

Duo Roller blinds look fantastic and are great at controlling light in a room, however Privacy is a exceptionally important factor in your window covering. Nobody wants to feel like their in a gold fish bowl where the whole world can see in. A duo roller blind allows you complete flexibility on how much privacy suits you at the time during the day.

Our award winning product is of German origin as this is its place of initial design. We ship this product in all the way from Germany as we believe it is the best Duo Roller Blind system in the world. It comes in a beautiful sleek metal head box, this hides all the workings, brackets and screws of the blind leaving you with a smooth clean finish in your window recess.

Operation of your blinds is imperative, nobody wants to feel like their picking up a baby elephant, this will strain your body and your blind. Our system implements an easy glide plastic bead chain, this allows a simple but effective operation of the window blind so it is as easy as possible to operate up and down. Our chain is aesthetically pleasing also, we don’t use a white plastic chain, we use a clear Perspex chain to make the chain as invisible as possible in the window recess.

The Blinds Superstore duo roller blinds come in lots of different colors, we have 7 in total. We didn’t want a huge range as we only selected the highest quality fabrics. We have classic white, beautiful cream and browns and a luxury striking black in our standard collection. Our luxury collection has proved a massive hit online across the country, we have Luxury Mink, Luxury Silver and Luxury cream; all these fabrics just adding a touch of hi end sophistication on the Duo roller blind

This sale wont last forever as soon as our current stock has gone our sale will end so DON’T DELAY BUY TODAY!!

The perfect fit winter sale is upon us

It has been a sizzling hot summer at Blind Superstore; we are the leading company online for Perfect Fit Blinds. It has been another fantastic year for both Blinds Superstore and our valued customers selling this fantastic product. As now our summer sale has ended we have decided to roll straight back into a new sale…..THE WINTER SALE!! This winter sale will mean even further reductions than ever before so now is the time to grab a bargain and beat those high street prices!

perfect fit pleated
perfect fit

We are the leading manufacturer in the UK for Perfect fit Blinds having qualified and passed the accredited status from the designers of Perfect Fit Blinds themselves, this is a award only handed to few manufacturers and we are proud to be of them! Please read this article to find out more about this product and its many advantages it offers at rock bottom prices.

Super Easy Fitting – It has been quoted in the blinds industry as the ‘easiest blinds to fit’ and we believe it is! This is a massive advantage to our customers as fitting blinds can be a scary thing. The beauty of Perfect Fit Blinds is there is no drilling and no screwing involved in the fitting process. We have up to date fitting guides online in both paper and video format and our expert team are also happy to walk you through this simple fitting process.

Super Easy Measuring – Another issue many customers worry about is measuring, here at Blind Superstore we want to make it as easy as possible for you to know how to measure in a confident way. We provide detailed measuring instructions on our website and also we provide videos on how to measure also. Measuring a Perfect Fit Blind though is the easiest product to measure out of all blind products so we are confident that with our help you will measure correctly everytime.

Perfect Fit comes in two fantastic product ranges of Venetian Blinds and Pleated Blinds.

venetians blinds
perfect fit

Perfect Fit Venetian blinds are exceptionally popular online and we decided to offer our loyal customers a huge selection in terms of colours and patterns. We have two ranges to our Perfect Fit Venetians these being Budget Perfect Fit and Luxury Perfect fit Venetians. Both of these products are manufactured within the UK!! We see this as massively important because we believe British is best!! We are constantly adding to our ranges to ensure we follow the latest trends out there on the market so watch this space for more new exciting products from Blinds Superstore

Quality is what Blinds Superstore is all about; we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality blinds on the blinds market! That is why we only have our products manufactured within the UK. We believe this makes the product of higher quality without cheap inferior plastic or Chinese substitutes. Our goal is to offer this high quality British manufactured products at the best prices on the market to make sure your 100% happy and keep coming back and telling your friends and family what a great product and service we offer.

Revitalize Your Home With Excellent Home Improvement Ideas

Looking for ways and means to help you revitalise your home? There are actually lots of home improvement ideas that you can use in order to make your home a much better place to live. Home-owners take pride in maintaining their homes, and one of their responsibilities is to make their homes liveable for their families and loved ones.

Your house is subject to wear and tear, thus over the years, you may notice that it needs some revitalizing and improvements. This is where home improvement ideas come into picture. Revitalizing your home doesn’t need to be expensive for there are actually lots of cost effective ways. This only means that you don’t actually need to stretch your budget, spend a lot of money, and put a whole in your pocket just to make improvements to your home.

Your home is your prized investment that you will definitely cherish and love for the rest of your life. And in order for you to ensure that your house will last a lifetime and for it to look beautiful all throughout, you should take care of it. Aside from maintenance activities, home improvement is also needed time after time in order to retain your home’s stylish and fresh appeal.

Some Affordable Home Improvement Ideas

  • Install some halogen track lightings in your home; it is one of the best and cost effective ways of decorating a house. These lights look elegant, classy, and they can definitely add brilliance to specific areas or corners of your home.
  • Brighten up the rooms in your house and be able to save energy expenses from your electricity bills by installing or replacing your old lights with smart looking and energy efficient LED lights. This is becoming more and more popular to a lot of households from the different countries across the globe.
  • Consider adding excellent yet affordable wallpapers on walls of your home. If you are after reinventing your bedrooms or any other room inside your house, opting for affordable wallpapers can be the best option.
  • Install exceptionally designed and constructed shelves, closets, and other types of storage solution. But you should forget to opt for those inexpensive storage solutions available on the market. You don’t have to spend large amount of money just to offer your home with such excellent storage solutions.
  • Get your flooring and rood inspected in order to ensure that they’re still highly functional and strong. If needed, you should get replacement and even repairs. Remember, your house is supposed to offer a safe and secure environment for you and your family.
  • Also, you should also have your plumbing inspected by experts in this field. Have the malfunctioning, leaky, and work out fixtures repaired or even replaced if necessary.
  • When it comes to your kitchen or bathrooms, you can revitalize or reinvent it by installing new faucets, countertops, as well as fixtures. This will not just add value to your home but will also increase your storage space inside the house.
  • Last but not least why not replace curtains for more modern looking blinds such as our Wooden Blinds or Venetian Blinds

These simple and affordable home improvement ideas will definitely provide maximum increase to the value, beauty, and functionality of your home.

The Duo Roller Blind has arrived

Blind superstore has now been running for 10 fantastic years changing the way that homes look year after year upgrading Blinds to their best in quality and design, Tailoring to ever customers need.

Blind superstore is having a HUGE winter sale with over 5000 sales so far in 2013 so don’t miss out on the Ultimate Window blind for Christmas. We are searching constantly to supply the best blinds there is and looking to see what we can manufacture in 2014.


Duo Roller
Duo Roller

The Duo Roller blind is a stunning alternative to the classic standard roller blind, very easy to operate like the classic roller blind but gives you so much more, The Duo roller blind can be used in so many ways combining the ideal balance of Privacy and still allowing the light to come in. The duo Roller can be put to any part in your window up very tidy and out of the way, half way in the window, in the open or closed position or down in the open or closed position again giving the perfect privacy.

The duo Roller blind comes with its own metal cassette head box hiding the brackets and components of the workings of the blind giving that perfect finish to your window blinds, Beaded see through chain allows the blind to glide in the position that you require and blends in to the glass of your window

Duo Roller Blind comes in several fantastic colours from Classic white, to soft Creams and Brown which will give the warmth to any room to luxury Mink is our new favourite as the different shades of colours in this blind, fit perfectly in any room, Luxury Grey has a sheen for that has elegance when hits the light hits it and Jet black for the ultimate show off modern look All Blinds are finished with a beaded chain to operate. This chain is specially designed to let the blind glide with minimal effort and strain. The system which we use is of German origin but manufactured in the United Kingdom at our factory in Blackpool. This is where we make sure every blind manufactured at Blind Superstore is of the highest quality using the best components from around the world to ensure it works for many years and compliments any home.

We have decided to keep the sale running here at Blind Superstore throughout the Winter Period so watch this space for even better discounts across our range and especially across the Duo Roller Blind Range. Don’t delay BUY TODAY!!

Blinds Measuring Guide.

Measuring Guide

It may seem like a worrying task to measure your windows for your blinds. Here at blind superstore we are experts in measuring. We have designed this step by step guide to walk you through every stage in detail.

What you will require to measure your windows: –

1. A pen or pencil
2. Tape measure (a rigid metal one will be best)
3. Paper or Phone to make notes of your measurements

Where you want to put your blind?

Inside Recess OR Outside Recess

You have a couple of options to decide whether you want your blind to fit on the inside of the recess, or the outside of your recess. We have explained this below in some nice simple steps with a drawing also.

Inside Recess – This is where you would like your blind to fit on the the inside of the recess, basically this means it’s going on the inside of the window opening. Please see diagram below

Outside Recess – This is where you would like your blind to be fitted on the outside of the recess, basically this means you are fitting the blind on the outer part of your window, missing the window opening. Please see diagram below

How to measure you blind?

You have a couple of choices to pick here, either Exact or Recess


This measurement is usually used when you are wanting your blind on the outside of the recess. If you tell us your exact blind size we will make no deductions and it will come to this exact size

1. Measure the exact width of where you like your blind to be and finish
2. Measure the exact drop of where you like your blind to be and finish
3. Important information regarding Roller Blinds. If you are ordering a roller blind we have to allow for the controls at either side of the roller blind. This will mean your cloth on your roller is slightly smaller this is 30mm. We make this adjustment for you as standard, we recommend you take this into consideration for Outside recess measurements.


This measurement is usually used when you are wanting your blind on the inside of the recess. All you need to do is measure tight inside the recess and we will make deductions for you to ensure the blind fits inside the recess. The standard blind deduction is 10mm (we will take this off for you)

1. Measure the width of the recess from wall to wall in 3 different places as shown on diagram. Take a note of the smallest measurement as this is the one we will use
2. Measure the drop of the recess from wall to wall in 3 different places as shown on the diagram. Take a note of the smallest measurement as this is the one we will use
3. Important information – Keep an eye out for tricky obstructions. You will need to take these obstructions into consideration to ensure your blind fits perfectly. The main things to look out for are TILES, HANDLES, AND SKIRTING BOARDS/TRIMS

All our blinds can be fitted either FACE FIX or TOP FIX. You will be required to ask which option you prefer, usually from our experience if you can FACE FIX this is typically easier just make sure you miss those tricky handles

Even after you have looked through the video we can still help you, if you would like to go over it on the phone and have a chat with one of our advisors we can assist you even further.

Please note our guide on measuring your blinds is only a guide and we advise you to carefully read the instructions before placing your order.

Massive Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds Summer Sale!

We are having a huge summer sale at blind superstore to celebrate over 12 years in business with over 12000 happy customers. Due to the massive success of 2013 we have decided to reward our loyal customers with even further reductions across the range!

Blind superstore is the flagship company online throughout the united kingdom for Perfect Fit Blinds, specialising in perfect fit venetian blinds and perfect fit pleated blinds. This product is taking the UK by storm due to its many advantages.

Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds

Easy Fitting – Perfect fit is arguably the easiest blind product on the market to fit, it doesn’t require any drilling in to the window frame or roof as this is fitting using special clips which simply slide beneath the bead. The brackets come in a variety of sizes so it can accommodate most window frame as they are all different and have different depths, we have four sizes of bracket in total which are 18mm, 20mm, 24mm, and 30mm. This gives you great flexibility allowing you to ensure perfect fit is likely to suit your window frames. We don’t even need the use of screws into your window frames as the blind brackets simply click onto the frame

Easy Measuring – Most people worry about complicated measuring and they are typically afraid to get the measuring wrong, with Perfect Fit Blinds from Blinds Superstore we make the measuring of your blinds easy, we have a step by step measuring  guide to show you exactly how to measure to help you make sure you get your measuring correct. To make it even easier we also provide a video on step by step instructions on how to measure so you feel completely comfortable in ordering your blinds from blinds superstore.

We have an exceptionally large product range when it comes to perfect fit to ensure we have the colour and patterns to suit your needs. Our perfect fit Venetian range has two tiers of Budget and Luxury, this give your options on how much you want to spend. Our budget perfect fit venetians are still UK made to ensure quality is really high! We have 6 colours in the range and we have selected the 6 most popular colours from the past two years and offered them at a massive discount.

Our Luxury venetian perfect fit venetian range has a wider selection with over 10 slats and colours to chose from, these blinds are British manufactured as we believe British is best and this give us and you the most quality we can give. We use high quality components and materials as we have aluminium head rails and aluminium slats as these are the best quality available instead of using plastic Venetian components.

When you buy your Perfect Fit Venetians from blinds superstore you know your getting a fantastic British made product that is exceptionally well priced and high quality!