We are celebrating success with our dual roller blinds

This week Blinds Superstore were awarded the Duo Roller manufacturer accredited status within the industry. This award recognises the quality and value of their custom made dual roller blinds that are produced on site at the Blinds Superstore Warehouse.

As well as sourcing blind solutions for home owners the team at Blinds Superstore also design and manufacture a range of blinds to ensure they always offer their customers a product that cannot be sourced elsewhere. These methods have now paid off as now their dual roller blinds are being hailed as the best prestige duo roller blind on the market as they are recognised for being amazing value for money.

Despite the work that goes into making these duo roller blinds, Blinds Superstore have also been recognised for being the best priced company in the market. This accolade combines quality, craftsmanship and price to give a holistic recommendation to consumers. The Blinds Superstore Duo Roller Blinds operate using a unique chain. This chain is made up of a series of beautiful glass balls giving it a delicate appearance while still being strong enough to carry the weight of the blind.

This success has prompted Blinds Superstore to bring their new product to the market, the venetian blinds made to measure for bathrooms and kitchens use PVC to give a wooden appearance however don’t warp with moisture as natural wood does. Each blind is very hard wearing and can separate rooms or dress windows as they are constructed to be perfect fit blinds UK weather proof.

Ryan Gladwin is understandably thrilled with this recent success he says, “It’s great to be finally recognised for the hard work we put into making all of our blinds. I’m so proud of our team as together we´ve brought to the market products that exude quality but also offer affordability which is crucial in today’s economic climate.”

The Blind Superstore offers an extensive range of window dressings for the discerning consumer. Always seeking the most modern contemporary designs they import the best blinds to sell to interior designers and home owners. The Blind Superstore also produces their own designs in house, cutting out the middle man and passing on savings to their valued customers. They stock everything from Venetian window blinds to wood blinds to the latest fashion of the duo roller blind.

Award Winning Eco Wood!

Blinds Superstore are about to Launch the new Eco-Wood range, this is a PVC look a like blind that is designed to look like a wooden blind but is actually made out of solid PVC. This is fantastic for the environment as nothing from the natural environment is effected. PVC Eco Wood is great for those areas where there is alot of cooking or steamy areas such as the bathroom, wetrooms where normal wood would be effected by the steam. Eco-Wood isnt effected by the environment and can easily cope with Steam and spills for these elements to just wipe off the slat with no effort at all.

What makes this product even better is that it is cheaper than a regular wooden venetian blind!

Visit our wood section today and click the Eco-Wood range to look at the fantastic slats on offer at even better prices from Blinds Superstore

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Luxury Venetion Blind Summer Sale – 64% Off

We are now having our summer sale for our Venetian Luxury Range with 64% off RRP. All our blinds are high quality British made and come with metal brackets, and colour co-ordinated cords.

Our Aluminium Venetion Blinds offer a completely different look to standard verticals and allow for plenty more options in controlling the spread of light in your room. They work very well in office environments or home studies, as they make it easy to direct sunlight away from computer screens and any other sensitive areas, but sit equally well in any kind of room. They are particularly useful with any north or south facing window, where prolonged sunlight can cause problems at different times of day. This also means they are a great option for when you want to throw as much light as possible into the room, making aluminium Venetian blinds a highly versatile option for a variety of situations and well worth considering, whatever your needs and budget.

[image thumb_width=”135″ thumb_height=”135″ lightbox=”true” custom_link=”” title=”sample image” caption=””]http://dolphinpromotions.net/blinds/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Titanium.jpg[/image]
[image thumb_width=”135″ thumb_height=”135″ lightbox=”true” custom_link=”” title=”sample image” caption=””]http://dolphinpromotions.net/blinds/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Aqua.jpg[/image]
[image thumb_width=”135″ thumb_height=”135″ lightbox=”true” custom_link=”” title=”sample image” caption=””]http://dolphinpromotions.net/blinds/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Hunter.jpg[/image]
[image thumb_width=”135″ thumb_height=”135″ lightbox=”true” custom_link=”” title=”sample image” caption=””]http://dolphinpromotions.net/blinds/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Latte.jpg[/image]
[image thumb_width=”135″ thumb_height=”135″ lightbox=”true” custom_link=”” title=”sample image” caption=””]http://dolphinpromotions.net/blinds/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Cool-Grey.jpg[/image]
[image thumb_width=”135″ thumb_height=”135″ lightbox=”true” custom_link=”” title=”sample image” caption=””]http://dolphinpromotions.net/blinds/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Gloss.jpg[/image]

How to fit your aluminium venetian blinds

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Step 1

Outside Recess

If the blind is to be fitted outside the window, ensure that measurement C is the same. C is simply equal to A minus B, divided by two. Follow instructions for FACE FIXING.

Inside Recess

If TOP FIXING, fix to the lintel if the window is uPVC, or if there are no obstructions. If FACE FIXING, fit bracket to window frame.

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Step 2

Place the blind into position and tilt forward to show controls and ladder positions. Brackets should be fitted at least 5cm from either side of ladder or wand control.

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Step 3

Top Fixing – Standard Bracket

Measure and mark the distance (D), allowing for obstructions like handles that protrude into the recess area. Mark this measurement on the lintel and align the back of the bracket with this line. Fix the bracket into position using the fixing holes.

Top Fixing – End Fix Bracket
Measure and mark the distance (D), allowing for obstructions like handles that protrude into the recess area. Mark this measurement on the lintel and align the back of the bracket with this line. Fix the bracket into position using the fixing holes.

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Step 4

Standard Bracket

Angle headrail to fit onto catches at back of bracket at ‘A’ Rotate front of headrail up and press firmly until front lip clicks into place at ‘B’.

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Removing the blind

For each bracket, starting from one end of the blind:

  1. Press the headrail firmly towards the bracket
  2. Tilt the headrail down at the back, to clear the rear catches
  3. Keeping the headrail tilted, pull headrail towards you to clear the front catches
  4. Repeat for the next bracket, ensuring that the headrail is adequately supported at the free end

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